What Happens to your Business When You Don’t Invest in SEO

Unfortunately, many of these posts only skim the surface of SEO and the daunting science behind SEM (Search Engine Marketing)– discussing vaguely how to implement it, but never digging into the nitty gritty details of what SEO is and the severe consequences that come along with ignoring its importance.

First & Foremost, What Exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the marketing segment focused on growing your visibility in organic and non-paid search engine results. It essentially increases your sites awareness in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

For example, when you type in “most protective iPhone 7 cases under $50” into Google, what pops up are the websites that have the strongest SEO. In other words, the websites that Google believes most closely answers your question.

Since people hit ‘search’ on Google 1.7 trillion times every single year (that’s 40,000 searches a second), SEO should really be called GSEO (Google Search Engine Optimization), because at the end of the day no one cares about ranking in Yahoo or Bing, they care about ranking in the search engine titan that is Google.

Now that you understand what SEO is, you are probably wondering why exactly your business should care about it.

How Not Investing in SEO Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Google Isn’t Going Anywhere, Bad SEO Will Haunt You for Years

When businesses choose to ignore SEO or attempt to make the argument that it is just a fad or trend, they are in denial of where the future is heading.

Search Engine Optimization will continue to exist as websites continue to compete for higher rankings on Google’s coveted first page (the top 10 search results that pop up for a specific Google search).

So, choosing not to invest in SEO won’t just hurt you today, but it will hurt your tomorrow and the next day and years to come in the future.

Building a solid SEO presence is like building a solid foundation for your home. Picture your home as your business. Sure, it may stand today, but it won’t weather the test of time if it isn’t built on a strong base.

Just because a business is making money today, does not ensure it will make money tomorrow, this is why it is important to lay a solid SEO foundation.

Fortunately for you, your competitors are not taking SEO seriously. According to SEMPO’s 2016 Search Report, business are only spending 11% of their marketing budget on search engine optimization.

While this is unfortunate for them, this is a huge opportunity for you and your business– get a headstart on your competitors and start laying the SEO foundation for a thriving business.

Your Business is Missing Out on Extremely Affordable Ongoing Marketing

For every $1 a business spends on marketing, they should see $2 in profit, ideally $3. A $2,000 a month billboard should bring in $4,000 in sales.

After all, making money is the whole point behind marketing.

Search Engine Optimization has changed the game for businesses everywhere because it is free ongoing marketing. It allows for businesses to land potential customers on their site for next to nothing.

Obviously, it is important to invest in experts that can help you bulk up your SEO presence, and this would of course cost money– but it is far more reasonable than having to pay $1 per click for Google AdSense, or even a billboard at a busy intersection for that matter.

Page #2 of Google is Losing You 95% of Potential Business

Believe it or not, 95% of people never make it to the second page of Google, according to Chitka.

Let’s say you own a business that sells bamboo sunglasses and your site pops up on the second page of Google when someone searches “bamboo sunglasses for sale”.

If 10,000 people search the above phrase every month, that’s 120,000 people a year landing on the first page of Google, ready to buy a pair of bamboo sunglasses.

If the average pair of sunglasses sells for $50, and the sites on the first page of Google are able to convert 5% of those 120,000 visitors to buying customers— that is $300,000 in potential revenue your sunglass business never sees because you are on the second page of Google’s search results.

Make no mistake, bad SEO is like having a customer walk into your physical store wanting to buy something, and having no one working to greet them, answer their questions and ultimately check them out.

Plain & Simple, Not Investing in SEO is Bad for Business

At the end of the day, not investing in SEO is choosing not to invest in the business you have worked so hard to create.

Whether you make the argument that ignoring SEO is placing your business in a bad position for future sales, is causing you to miss out on more affordable marketing or making your site invisible to thousands of potential customers, it all comes down to one thing…

Not investing in SEO is losing your business money.

If it took you 5 minutes to read this post, that is approximately 300 seconds.

12,000,000 Google searches took place in those 300 seconds, a small chunk of which could lead directly to your site.

Should you be investing in SEO?

The more important question is… can you afford not to?


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