What is the Future of Online Shopping in Pakistan?

We all had experienced shopping from physical stores and supermarkets but with the coming of online stores, the consumer today prefers online shopping websites which has all products at one site like a superstore. Amazon and AliExpress is one of the best example of these kinds of online shopping websites.

Pakistan is new to e-commerce and there are a few players in the industry who are providing a large variety of products under one website. These websites have gained popularity in a short span of time in Pakistan they provide a large variety of products like men fashion, women fashion, kids wear, electronics, cosmetics and various others.

They provide fast delivery services, convenient return policy and flexibility of payment by providing various payment methods like paying from a credit/debit card, easypaisa account and cash on delivery across Pakistan. These websites are mostly used by the customers living in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan due to shortage of time, customers prefer to buy online rather than wasting their holiday in a superstore and going through the pain of worst traffic jams.

Let’s take a look at the leading online shopping websites of Pakistan.


Founded in 2014 by rocket-internet. Daraz is one of the leading and oldest player in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan despite many difficulties; it has gained great popularity and still expanding aggressively. They are popular for their discount offers on electronic items. Daraz is operating in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Rumors says that Daraz might be acquired by AliBaba but there are no announcements from Daraz or AliBaba related to this matter.


A child company of well-known brand TCS. Yayvo recently signed a contract with Pakistan Super League for providing tickets. The company is supported by its parent brand and striving to make a good will in the industry by providing best discounts, quality products and fast delivery. Hazar Service by TCS can also be availed if customers wants the product within a day. The company is said to be growing its sales every year and is in direct competition with Daraz. It is said that there was a closed door meeting between AliBaba and Yayvo but there are no relevant sources to verify it.


A start-up company slowly expanding with the passage of time, with limited resources the company is able to sustain its position by targeting niche market. Their discounts are not competitive but guarantees 100% genuine product with return policy of no question asked. The website offer various products like any other site operating in Pakistan. The company is striving to create a brand image of quality and reliability.


According to experts of the e-commerce industry with the development of CPEC in Pakistan, the existing e-commerce industry will be taken over by big giants like Amazon and AliBaba. The leading brands in Pakistan still lacks the true essence of online shopping experience, there are various cases of fake products and price hikes which can be seen on social media. To gain trust and make a mark in online shopping, the leading e-commerce companies has to provide same standards as international e-commerce websites.

Experts says that most of the e-commerce websites are bearing huge losses and some of them might disappear this year, the sustaining websites are supported by investors and parent companies.

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