Exercise Bike Workout Ideas

Exercise bikes have been very useful in keeping fit. The workouts on this equipment are no joke. It is something worth trying. The number of calories lost in a certain duration is entirely defined by your weight. For instance, a person weight 175 pounds could lose 95 calories in 10 minutes.

Why Exercise bikes are Ideal for Indoor Gym

They are applicable for everyone in all levels of fitness. In particular, exercises on a bike help build your cardiovascular endurance and good strength in your legs. Ideally, biking is a comparatively low-impact exercise and therefore, they are very useful for people recuperating from injuries. To benefit fully from bike workouts, you must make sure that you are properly fitted on in order to avoid knee complications. For this kind of application, you may need the help of your doctor if you are seeking help for a specific injury.

If you are a beginner, stationary exercise bikes are one of the best options for you, especially in a home gym. Again, it is one of the ways to add diversity to your fitness plan. This is especially if you don’t want group workouts. A stationary bike exercise could be all you have been looking for. It is a sure way to ride and kick your butt on the bike. With your bike, you can control the resistance and speed levels and decide how you will challenge yourself. Ideally, you can customize bike workouts to meet your fitness requirements and goals.

Getting Started with your Bike Workouts

For anyone looking for something that is easy and convenient to use, an exercise bike is a perfect choice. It is ideal for home use because it does not take up much of your room. Most importantly, it is a comprehensive workout plan that helps you to shed off excess pounds and then boost your cardiovascular endurance. Here is how to go about with your bike exercise…

1. Start with a restrained intensity cardio to help in weight loss. This is also good preparation needed for your body to take up challenging workouts. With this basis, include high-intensity training in intervals.

2. The doable workout for warm-up would include exercising for about 5 minutes with light intensity.

3. Next, workout at 60 to 75% of your maximum heart rate before warming up. Make use of the heart rate sensors of your bike located at the handlebars. You can use your pulse if your bike lacks this feature. Your maximum heart rate is usually {220-your age}. Multiply this max heart rate by 60% and 75%.

4. Initially, cycle between 10-20 minutes based on your level of fitness. Increase this gradually up to 60 minutes during the week. Do your exercises 3-5 days per week.

5. Warm down for about 5 minutes to help you lower your heart rate!

Exercising at High-Intensity Intervals

For high-intensity intervals start with a warm-up of 5 minutes. After that, cycle at your highest intensity for a period of 20 seconds. Don’t track your heart rate since the intervals are too quick to make meaningful recordings. All you need to do is not to exceed your max heart rate as you exercise. Next, you should cycle for about 10 seconds at a low intensity to mark the end of the 1st round of high-intensity training. Following this format, do other seven rounds making intervals of 20 seconds. Include a recovery period of 10 seconds for a total time of 4 minutes. Lastly, warm down for 5 minutes in order to lower your heart beat rate.

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