How to create a clothing brand with little money

A business based on creating a brand of clothing is not for everyone: you must have a tendency to creativity to become an entrepreneur or entrepreneur of fashion.

But if there is some kind of artistic talent inside you, and a real passion for creating your own brand, running a business based on a clothing line is the ideal venture for you.

Today I will show you everything you need to know about this industry to succeed in it: what steps you must take, what are all the options that exist and the initial investment required, among other useful information.

What options do you have to start your own brand of clothing?

The term “brand or clothing line” covers a wide variety of different businesses; some owners of these enterprises design and produce their own clothing, while others choose or hire designers to make different clothes to be part of their collections.

Whichever way you decide to take, this is a business that requires a fundamental aspect: passion. In other sectors you can start a successful business without having just enthusiasm for the product you manufacture.

But when it comes to the nature of a fashion design business, the genuine passion for what you are creating is mandatory if you want to excel and enjoy success.

For whom is this type of business?

This is definitely not a business for the unimaginative. Whether you design the models, or others, you must have a strong artistic vein and creativity; trying to copy what others do within this industry is a recipe for failure.

Apart from this, you do not need to be an expert or expert in making clothes to start with. Many people form alliances with independent designers to sell clothing under one fashion line.

Not being all that good you would like in the technical part (designing, crafting patterns, cutting and sewing fabrics, etc.) need not deviate from your dream of creating a shopping brand. You can always hire others to do this for you, giving the main idea of the models you want them to be made.

How to Create a Clothes Mark Step by Step

1. Start with the business plan

In any business, branding is important. But in the world of fashion, the mantra “ you are your mark “ is even more so. Without a strong identity, a history and values, your business will be crushed by competition.

That is why the first step of this adventure must be to develop a good business plan, and in this the first question you have to ask yourself and answer is “what is my brand?

2. Choose your brand carefully

When working on your brand, have the designs reflect aspects of yourself through your own experiences and personality. Consumers will immediately notice if you try to make something generic or insincere.

If you are a broker or an office executive, for example, you will have more luck starting a line of clothing for professionals or clothing to go to work than designing shirts for skaters.

The fashion industry is already quite saturated with brands doing all the same, using similar designs for their garments. People like to shop in brands that they feel familiar with and close to instead of those worn by a large corporation.

3. Conduct a market study

Once you have laid the groundwork for your brand, the next step is to conduct a market study . Use the Internet to find brands similar to yours, see their sizes, geographic reach, price and unique points, and investigate how to offer your customers something new, better or different.

It is vital, moreover, that you already have an idea of whether it is you who will design and produce your own clothes, or if you are delegating this task to different designers to develop your brand of clothing.

If you decide to follow this second path, build a list of designers and contacts to see if you come to a wholesale agreement. This can be quite a challenge at first, since you will not have any reputation to back it up.

Explain clearly how your designs will fit into your clothing line, the benefits of being partners in this business, and what you can offer them as a fashion brand.

4. Plan how you will sell your designs

Through what channels are you going to start selling your clothes? An online store is often an excellent option to start – initial costs can be very low, and retailers and retailers will be more willing to talk to you if you have already made some sales and have a small reputation.

Your website should reflect the look and feel of your brand to the last detail; remember that this will be (for the moment) the only showcase for your products , and nothing repels more customers than an online store with a poor design.

Also consider those online markets where you can list your articles like the ASOS website (only for Europe) to increase your sales (and your exposure to new customers) in conjunction with those of your e-commerce.

Remember: although this is a creative business, take it seriously. Some precautions to keep in mind are to take a book of your accounting, have a bank account only for this business, and check if you meet the payment of mandatory taxes among other aspects.

5. Use social networks to advertise

A marketing strategy is fundamental especially in the so saturated fashion industry; and social networks can be powerful (and cheap) allies. So start as soon as possible to build a good presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

There are a lot of other social networks that you could use, but the four that I mentioned to you are in which the public related to the fashion moves more. Do not forget the bloggers!

These (and, little by little, fashionable male bloggers as well) have a great influence on the world of fashion; so try to identify bloggers with high and influential profiles in your particular industry to see how they could promote or showcase your products.

Here you will need more than sending them some free clothes – as they usually receive dozens – and that is why it is better to try to cultivate relationships with them and find out how you can excel from all the brands that contact them.

How much does it cost to create a brand of clothing?

One of the great advantages of this business is that you can start with very little money. Your biggest investment will be in the clothing itself: if you are looking for a designer to make it, it is better that they are willing to sell it wholesale.

Some great designers will have a minimum order quantity, but others are more flexible with this; so contact with several to see which are the best conditions you can offer.

If you are going to design your own clothes, you should only have a basic computer that you can expand in the future when the demand for your articles grows. You will not need much more until you have to manufacture your merchandise in large quantities, so this is an ideal business to start from home.

The equipment will depend on what you are going to produce. For example, if you are going to make dresses, you will need a sewing machine. But if you design stamped shirts, you’ll need a stamping kit, special ink, and blank t-shirts.

Apart from these production costs, your business will have other costs such as building a website and an online store, and visits to industry events or fairs to expose your garments where you normally have to pay a fee to attend.

How much can you earn with a brand of clothing?

Unlike, for example, a beauty salon, here it is not necessary to leave your job to dedicate to this business. In fact, this is the type of venture you can devote as much time as you want, whether it’s a lot or a little.

The problem with this flexibility is that it is impossible to predict how much money you will make. Perhaps there are times when profits will increase exponentially, and others where they will go down and do not generate what you want.

By nature, the fashion industry is unpredictable, and even if you have all the ingredients to succeed, there may be some part of the process that fails.

That is, if you want to create a clothing brand because your priority list is to have a stable income, it is better to look for other business ideas.

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