Advantages of Refrigerators with Open Drive Compressors

Refrigerators with Open Drive Compressors

Advantages of Refrigerators with open drive compressors is one of the most fundamental innovation made by man. It is use across several industries for the purpose of preservation through cooling. It is design to keep food cold, and by cooling, the food maintains freshness for a more extended period by slowing down the activity of bacteria, which is found in foods. While all refrigerators are design to do the same job, they often have different components.

Refrigerators come with different types of compressors, which include open-drive, hermetic, and semi-hermetic. Though not commonly used today, people who have experienced the performance of chilling units with this type of compressors can never look back. Here are some of the benefits that a person with a refrigerator with an open drive compressor will experience.

The refrigerant does not get contaminate

One of the difference between an open drive compressor and the other type of compressor is that the motor is kept separate from it. Also, in case the motor stops working, it can always be replaced separately. This comes as a great benefit. Note that when the motor gets burnt-out or damaged, it results in high temperatures.

This is detrimental because it causes the refrigerant to break down. It results in water, corrosive acid, and carbonaceous sludge. When the coolant is contaminate, it results in intermittent cooling, increased noise from the compressor, increased discharge pressure, and the freezing of the evaporator, to mention a few issues. With an open drive compressor, you will not have to deal with these issues.

Affordable maintenance

Unlike other refrigerators that do not have open drive compressors, this option is pocket-friendly when it comes to maintenance. With the time of use, the motors get burn out, decrease the compressor and refrigeration unit’s performance. Open drive compressors have seperate motors. The rest of the compressors often combine with the motors. If the motor burns out, you are force to replace the whole compressor, which is a costly affair.

In this case, you will only be required to replace the motor: they are accessible and less costly. There is a cost attached to the maintenance of an open drive compressor, but not as high as the other kinds. Also, you will experience less downtime, as the motor is not tied to the refrigerant circuit. Nothing has to stop during motor replacement.


Hermetic compressors may not be reliable for heavy-duty use refrigerators. Open drive compressors, on the other hand, can work with high power drip-proof and open motors. By that virtue, open drive compressor is use for high power, which can also be adjust depend on your refrigeration needs. There are three ways you can adjust the power of this compressor.

One is by switching up the size of the pulleys. You can also increase or reduce the speed of the drive motor. Alternatively, you can disable the cylinders if it is a multi-piston compressor.

Energy efficiency

Open drive compressors consist of two open drive compressors, which are run by an external motor with adjustable speed. Depending on your refrigeration needs, you can lower or increase the motor speed. The ability of this system to operate even at low speeds increases the efficiency of the compressor.

You can lower the compressor costs by working with small remote compressors, which reduces the general expenses of compressors. This is different when you are running multiple systems. If you are looking to save on energy costs in your business or home, you should consider working with the open drive system.

Open drive compressors have also exhibited great flexibility. They can retrofit, resized, and installed for both parallel and hybrid applications. The motor operation of this system has also proven to increase the life of refrigerators running on open drive compressors. There is, however, one drawback of these compressors. It is the fact that they tend to leak more than the other type. There is, however, that can be something to prevent that.

Using low-leak valves, decreasing the number of fittings and the length of piping, and utilizing brazed connections will reduce the amount of leak points in these compressors. This technology is the answer to efficient chilling operations.

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