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AGM Electrical Supplies – A Leading Electrical Wholesaler in Pakistan

AGM Electrical Supplies

At AGM Electrical Supplies, you can get an exceptional range in electrical assets at competitive charges and backed up with extraordinary in magnificence customer service and technical help. We deliver a huge variety of electrical products from switches and sockets to lighting fixtures, cable control, heating and air glide and unsafe problems area solution.

At AGM wholesale electric power we have over 15 Years of revel in handing over precisely what our customers require. So in case you’re looking out a best electrical wholesaler, just call AGM we provide both online or you can pop into our store office & showroom address: 3/52-54 Parramatta Road (Cnr Acton St) Croydon NSW 2132 (Nearest Cross Street is Acton St) and we will make sure that we give you our best.

As an independent electric wholesaler, we stock all of the electric resources you want in one vicinity. As a member of the most critical independent electrical wholesaler employer in Australia, we are capable of offering our customers the very exceptional products at very reasonable charges.

We Deal in:

Provide best for our customers as we realize the importance of the security of your home and business. We deal in:


Our site boards are PATENTED and our specially designed in Australia by electricians. We provide 5 years warranty on our boards. Our boards are made of stainless steel.

LED Lighting Products:

If you are looking for the LED light, LED lamps, or LED lights bulbs just call us. We provide best-LED lightning products in Australia. Our products are of high quality.

Isolator Switches:

We provide the complete range of isolator switches. As isolator switches help you to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized for service.

Ceiling, Wall Exhaust, Inline Fans & Fan Controls:

AGM provides best and reasonable price range in fans variety. Our fans have a warranty of 5 years. And we always provide technical help to our customer.

Electric Oven, Stove, And Hot Water Elements:

AGM electrical wholesale supplies are an online store that specializes in electrical products at competitive prices.

Smoke And Heat Alarms – 240 Volts And Battery Operated:

We deal in a variety of smoke and heat alarms. As they are very important for the security and maintenance of your kitchen.

And Many More!

We provide great electrical merchandise for our kingdom. AGM electric suppliers are certify and well experience and we are a knowledgeable group to deal with our customers. Call us today to book your order.

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