The new scientific breakthroughs in cannabis plant cultivation have given hopes to various industries. As more home growers show interest in CBD and CBG related cultivation ventures, companies are shifting their focus on offering quality wholesale seeds so they can reach a trusted supplier. With such endeavors on rise, you can grow as much cannabinoid as you want and obtain different seeds like CBD and CBG that are further used in various industries. At Colorado Breeders Depot, we offer a wide variety of our wholesale seeds that are enhanced after implementing various tests and thorough research. Come, let’s look at some of our key wholesale seeds that are in demand due to their healing characteristics.


Colorado Breeders Depot has invested its resources and expertise to offer a better product in shape of our wholesale cbd seeds. We, today, provide a wide range of CBD and CBG seeds so you can grow various plants at home and make the best use of each part of the plant including leaves, stems and the flowers. We understand the ever-growing need of various cannabinoid plants and the growing preferences of different home growers. This has led us to offer a versatile range of wholesale seeds as mentioned below:

  • CBG Hemp Clones
  • CBG Feminized Hemp Seeds
  • CBG Non-Feminized Hemp Seeds
  • CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds
  • CBD Hemp Clones
  • CBD Non-Feminized Industrial Tri-Crop Hemp Seeds
  • CBD Non-Feminized Hemp Seeds

You can purchase these seeds in any quantity as you feel appropriate for your growing needs with an assurance that all our products are tested for quality before dispatchment. Plus, you can also get assistance in selecting the right wholesale seeds as per your future cultivation plans and be sure that you’ve purchased the right seed.


Before you visit our wholesale seeds catalog, let’s discuss some of the key benefits that our seeds offer you. Below are some of the key benefit that you can expect from our wholesale seeds make the right choice upon ordering our products:

  • Whether you select regular seeds, clones or feminized, our wholesale seeds help you for growing plants in lesser time period which allows you to expect more quantity in shorter cultivation tenure.
  • Since, we offer a myriad of wholesale seeds at Colorado Breeders Depot, you can fulfill your dreams to cultivate as much plants as you want in your indoor farming area.
  • With our feminized seeds, you can prevent cross pollination and extract more CBD seeds from your grown plants. This facility gives you the benefit of expecting desired results without the need to waste half the crop due to cross pollination.
  • Since all our seeds can be grown inside, you won’t need to wait for a certain season to order a specific seed and continue with your cultivation plans using full space of your indoor farming area.
  • With recent evidences of the healing characteristics of cannabinoid seeds, you can expand your pastime activity into a revenue stream and become a supplier to of CBD & CBG seeds, too.

Find a wide range of wholesale seeds including hemp, feminized, non-feminized, or cloned seeds at Colorado Breeders Depot. Call us on (719) 275-7770, drop an email at [email protected] or visit our portal for placing your order, today.

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