Geometry Dash Tips

Geometry Dash Tips

Geometry Dash SubZero is hard. Not astonishing news to any individual who has effectively played an accuracy platformer previously, yet that still implies that notwithstanding clearing a solitary stage can be an attempting test.

Press Start is the principal stage and clearing this implies you genuinely have the right stuff to take on even the most pixel-impeccable platformers, so tie in for a lot of pain, since you’re surely going to bomb before you succeed.

Move slowly and pursue these means, and you’ll before long have the right stuff to triumph in geometry dash guide and cheats.

Tactical taps in geometry dash Apk:

Fortunately the introduction to this tune begins moderate, so you can stretch your head beyond some straightforward hops before they toss you into its thick. You can see that bounces planned with the music for additional accuracy, and it’s a lot less demanding to play once you figure out the beat.

A few stages require dropping off them, rather than bouncing, so as to be protected. Know about when there are snags overhead, both in the early piece of the melody and all through, it’s anything but difficult to be found napping.

Before long, the melody will kick in with a “Press Start” rallying call. You’ll rapidly see that shining cushions on stages will dispatch you, and you can tap when disregarding circles noticeable all around to keep pushing ahead. It takes practice, yet you’ll get it.


Circles can likewise toss you onto the roof where you’ll need to manage turned around gravity. Fortunately it’s not all that vastly different from being on the floor, you simply must be additional mindful of articles “overhead” before you take hops.

After this, your solid shape will basically direct itself to a flight segment.

Taking off: Geometry dash tips and tricks

Here you should essentially not crash while keeping your direction on course with little, visit taps to keep your nose up.

It is anything but a long segment, however the juxtaposition in control can be strange at first. Keep in mind how it feels for another flight area later.

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