Jade Kevin Foster – Interview with Technology Magazine

Jade Kevin Foster

Jade Kevin Foster

Jade Kevin Foster is an Australian model currently she is sign with WINK models as well as owning an iPhone case brand and being a social influencer. Spanning 2.4 million+ followers across platforms, he is quite an influence on social media. He was named model of the year by Forbes Entertainment Star Central Magazine in 2013 and Vogue online put him at no. 56 on the list of top male models of all time. Quite a huge achievement that. He has modeled for brands like Louis Vuitton and Mossimo. His actual fame started when he modeled for Louis Vuitton and Mossimo, helping him gain a huge following in a short time on social media as well as exposure worldwide.

Mr. Foster

Nowadays Mr. Foster has been working on influencing people through social media, helping them and living the life. He has left quite a mark on the young people around the people. Showing them a new perspective to the life, the parties and the latest photos of his newest attempts on his social media accounts. People who are following him on Snapchat and Instagram would be know this a better way. He is one of the top Australian models and people have constantly said that with the right management, this guy will make millions. He has been know to be earn more than 500000$/year for more than three years now. Combining such a huge figure of following with active accounts makes for good publicity and huge influence upon people.

Case for iPhone

Recently Jade focused on something else, a case for iPhone, but not a usual case with a few designing cues and something durable. It is a new type of case, something is not seen in the market before. It’s only available for iPhones and it’s uniquely designed. Filled with LED lights to achieve perfect lighting, even in complete darkness, for the perfect selfies. One of a kind, this selfie case is going for $19.95. With an On/Off dimmer switch, LED lights designed in strips, battery charge indicator, a battery lasting around 2 weeks and 3 light modes, this is the ideal case for people who are prone to drop their phones or want a durable case along with the BFF selfie case. It’s really easy to use because of the buttons available on the case.

The case is a little thick which expect it pushes for lighting and durability both side by side. It’s available in two colors, black and white. Mr. Foster has been promoting and pushing it very hard to let it become as popular as it can.

With eye-catching poses, heartwarming smiles, handsome looks and a brand of unique selfie cases. Jade Kevin Foster has been living the life quite a few people imagine to. A lot of people find him and his posts very inspirational but there are also haters. (Surprise Surprise!) Travelling to beautiful places, posing on the covers of top world magazines and websites. Promoting the unique LED lightened selfie iPhone case, Jade is working hard to go higher and higher.

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