Sizzling Trends in Tech Business – Driving Tech Lovers Crazy

All the tech-savvy inventions and the incorporation of the technology into our daily lives of the human beings have driven the tech lovers crazy. There was a time when the idea of having robots was obsolete. But, today we have a digital world full of chatbots, and other robotic devices like cars and real robots serving the customers in the cafes. Isn’t it amazing? That’s what the latest technology is designed to do. It awe-struck the business and fascinate the users.

Read below and you’ll find how the tech businesses are on fire with the latest sizzling trends!

  1. Artificial intelligence is ruling the digital businesses

As the artificial intelligence is spreading its wings and ruling different business domains, the tech lovers are impressed with its influence. An AI expert Amir Husain shares his thought on AI by saying, “software is eating the world, and AI is eating software.” Anyone who has even used the voice-command service on their smartphone or the facial recognition feature, he has used the AI technology. This is the beauty of this technology. The common man is using it without knowing what it is and the tech lovers are crazy over this thought. The Airbnb, Netflix, medical laboratories, and other business companies are using this technology in many different ways to benefit the customer.

  1. Step from 4G to 5G

The release of the 5G network is now expected by the end of 2019. The experts believe that this technology will enable the use of virtual reality and augmented reality. The smartphones will become a lot faster, the internet would be ten times faster than the 4G internet, and the entire way of using the internet will be revolutionized. This has set the engineers, consumers, developers, and all the tech lovers into motion to get hands on the amazing technology. They are finding applications how 5 G can be incorporated into the daily lives.

  1. Voice search reaching the sky

The voice search feature is dominating as well. It is making the life of human beings amazing! According to the Microsoft’s latest test of voice recognition software, an error rate of only 5.5% was found. This proves it to be a better speech recognizer than the human transcribers. Amazing, right? This feature is now leveraged in various tech-businesses to offer fluent customer experience.

  1. Use of smart assistants

When it comes to the smart assistant, names of Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa shine brightly. At the beginning of the CES, Google told the populace about its project of incorporating Google’s Assistant into smart screens. And we can see that, presently, the displays made by third-party partners JBL, Sony, LG, and Lenovo were released with Google assistant offering better user interface and experience. Google has claimed to rule around 400 million such devices with its Assistant. On the other hand, CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon says that 20 million of the devices are ruled by Alexa – their personal smart assistant.

  1. Wireless headphones on the run

The Global Wireless Headphones Market: Size, Trends, and Forecasts (2017-2021) tender an analysis on the success of the wireless headphones and the companies that are interested in making this technology the new biggie. The new wireless headphones are referred to as the gemstones and the markets inclined towards designing them include the Apple Inc. (Beats Electronics), LG Electronics Inc., Bose, and Sony.

  1. Machine learning

The use of machine learning, one of the branches of artificial intelligence, is becoming indispensable as the years pass by. The tech lovers find it exceptionally interesting how the machines are automated to learn the user’s behavior. From banks to website design company, medicinal companies, laboratories, IT workers, and the leading branding agency Dubai are using the predictive and preemptive analysis, biometrics, deep learning platforms, pattern recognition, and other machine learning features to enhance the productivity of the business brands, and increase the sales of their clients.

  1. Use of blockchain

According to the reports on the various trends that will emerge in the year 2018, other than the cybersecurity applications of IoT; the rule of blockchain is going to be an interesting trend. The domains like banking, tech, society, and finance will benefit from this technological advancement. For those, who are unaware of how it functions, the blockchain is (as quoted by CB insights) a technology that offers a way for untrusted parties to reach agreement on a common digital history. Such a history is important because digital assets and transactions are easily faked or duplicated in theory. Blockchain technology solves this problem without using a trusted intermediary.

With this, we end our discussion on the seven most commonly seen technology trends. All of them are extending their roots into the tech-businesses every now and then. And, as time will pass even more gadgets, infrastructure, and tech devices will come into existence.

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