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The Benefits Associated With Call Tracker Software

Successful marketing strategies are vital to the success of small businesses as well as their customer base. Small businesses, however, cannot afford to waste their money and resources on marketing campaigns that do not yield results. We need to evaluate strategies in order to gain awareness of what succeeds and what doesn’t. While they run a campaign, they receive a lot of leads via phone calls. But how are they going to know which marketing campaign is doing the best?

With call tracking software by Virtual call Tracking, they can easily gather this information by analyzing various marketing campaigns and hence can get the highest return on their investment.

Call Tracker Software Offered By Virtual Call Tracking

Every year, Virtual Call Tracking is trusted to provide companies across Australia with millions of minutes of tracked calls. The business has also won the prestigious Telstra Business Awards and developed to deliver an accessible online and offline call tracking system focused on Digital telephone number provisioning.

Therefore, you now have a responsive advertising tracking and reporting system with them to take advantage of every call.

What makes them a standout amongst others:

  • No software fees
  • No set-up fees
  • No charge by the minute

The Services Linked to Virtual Call Tracking

Monitor Everything

To optimize PPC promotions, the data works seamlessly between Google Analytics and Adwords. To classify phone calls and internet activities, use the adaptive “Phone Number Swapping” software. Now, tailor the PPC strategies for greater ROI revenues.

Track & Learn

Call tracking technology records each call, the call’s ad origin, phone number, the call’s shop, call date, and call length.

Keep Everyone Accountable

Who is keeping your people accountable—30% of inquiry may not be converting. Want to know why is that? The operation of the company goes beyond the definition of “set and forget.” They will report back how well your employees treated a call; was it converted, and if not why not?

The Features Of Call Tracker System

Call tracker grasps record for:

  • Phone Number of the Caller
  • Campaign Source of the Call (Google, Television, Yellow Pages, Facebook … all Online & Offline)
  • Landing Page
  • Source (Google, Bing, Media Channel)
  • Landing phone number
  • Call type & rating
  • Recording of conversation
  • Timestamp
  • Answered or Un-Answered
  • Call length

Benefits Of Call Tracker System

Call tracking allows small businesses to recognize successful marketing strategies and discourage them from losing their precious time and money. It helps businesses target their marketing efforts in the right direction, creating greater ROI for them. When you rely solely on digital ads, call monitoring will help you determine precisely which landing pages actually make calls and learn how to properly plan and execute your online marketing efforts. Other major benefits include:

  • Expand business by focusing on untapped geographies
  • Improve your ROI
  • Optimize peak call hours
  • Spend money on marketing campaigns that work
  • Improve services with call recording

Manage your staff appropriately

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