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The Fundamentals Of Making Animated Videos

Animated Videos

One of the critical parts about marketing a product. How you will increase the sales of your developed products and goods. It is one of the major concern of numerous marketers and business organizations. How a product is marketed depends on what type of product is being marketed. What marketing strategies are being implemented.

Ever since the technological is take-over of the business world. Marketing strategies have gone through incredible changes and advancements. Newer and better marketing tools have been develop to assist the business organizations for constituting improvement promotional tactics and creating brand awareness.

So, if you are already in this digital business world then you might be aware of the pivotal role. Animated videos play in your marketing and branding strategies and tactics. These animated videos are not only helpful in improving your marketing tactics, but they are also beneficial in bringing new customers and converting your potential leads into your buyers and customers.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are fun to watch but creating a high quality animated video is not all fun and games. If you are a DIY-er, then you probably would like to do a quick research on basics of animated video creation, but this won’t be helpful at all if you have no experience of video making. It’s better to contact a video animated company or agency or professional animator to produce a high-quality and well-scripted animated business video for your brand and product promotion.

Numerous statistics and data have reported that almost 70% of the people who watch these animated product videos are likely to purchase that product for themselves. Nearly 80% of the marketing professional and experts integrate these animated videos in their marketing strategy and recommend it as the most powerful marketing tool. Whether you create a cartoonish animation or a black and white animation, there are numerous animation tools available online for the creation of high quality animated videos.

Basics of animated video creation:

The procedure for making animated videos depends on what type of animation style is being use. There are numerous animation styles that you can use depending on the nature and category of your products, goods, and services. Once you have decided your animation style, the complication level increases or decreases as per your chosen style and method. Sometimes it can require huge capital and much time to create a single video while in most of the cases it can be cost-effective and less time-consuming. Some of the widely-used animation styles are:

  • 2D Animation:

It is one of the traditional animation styles. It provides the animator with freedom in illustrating and styling 2D characters and other related animated objects. Everything in this animation style is create in a two-dimensional setting and environment. Despite the increase in the number of improved animation styles. 2D animation is still one of the widely-practiced and most preferred animation styles. Numerous renowned video animated company and agencies still work on this animation style.

  • 3D Animation:

It is one of the most advanced animation styles. In this style, 3D objects and animated backgrounds are used to give the characters of the video a more natural human-like look and appearance. Nowadays, hundreds and thousands of video animated company and animation studios have opened up that are producing high quality 3D animated videos on a regular basis. So finding yourself a professional 3D animator is not a challenge anymore.

  • Whiteboard Animation:

It is the most preferred animation style when it comes to the creation of animated explainer videos. It’s consists of a black and white background and character. It is like an early 80’s film but with a well compose script, meaningful and easy to understand message.

Tools and software for various animation styles:

 Just like different animation styles, there are various animation tools through which you can easily create an interactive and interesting animated video. Below we’ve enumerated some of the outstanding tools and online software used for animation:

  1. PowToon
  2. Animaker
  3. Animatron
  4. Moovly
  5. GoAnimate
  6. Renderforest
  7. Windows Movie Maker.
  8. Prezi
  9. Google Web Designer


Animated videos are not as easy to make as it might sound. Sometimes it can be time-consuming and expensive. But in the end, these animated videos provide you with the beneficial marketing results, increased sales and growth rates.

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