Tradus – B2B Marketplace for Used Commercial Vehicles

Tradus B2B marketplace for used commercial vehicles

Every buyer is looking for a good bargain; an opportunity to purchase branded merchandise without digging too deep into their pocket. This is possible at a wholesale market or directly from the manufacturer but often times, it can be time consuming and the minimum order quantity can be limiting. What if there was a solution? Tradus A platform that is not only convenient to use but also brings the consumer what they need and into their homes.

How many times have you wanted to buy a commercial vehicle, factory equipment or other types of heavy machinery but had no idea where to look? Anything from loaders, excavators, trailers, tractors and trucks can be listed on Tradus for buying and selling. The platform is an online market place for willing buyers and willing sellers; just like OLX.

Interestingly, Tradus is owned by the OLX group which ordinary exists to connect buyers to sellers. Buyers are assured of affordable prices here and sellers will benefit from a global network of potential buyers. So, what are the unique features of Tradus?

Global Presence

Riding on the power of the internet, Tradus is among many other online platforms. which have authorization to operate in 45 countries. To get an idea of how this platform works in the market it exists in consider the trading cycle of OLX, Storia, Letgo, Stardia and Dubizzle in those markets. With countries such as Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, UAE, Malaysia, Switzerland and Italy. The quality of trade that is expected to go on here is of high caliber.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Whether you are on Tradus as a buyer or a seller. It is important that you are able to access the site anytime and anywhere. Do you have a smartphone?. Many people have and that means it is possible to download the app easily from App Store (if IOS) or Google Play (if Android). With stable internet, users with accounts on the platform can keep track of what is happening. Carry out trade, respond to queries on products on sale and easily forward offers to contacts. If you do not have access to a smartphone, a tablet or PC browser is enough to connect to the platform.

Have you just seen an item that is halfway across the world? Tradus – Heavy Machinery is an app within Tradus that allows users to carry out on-net negotiations regardless of location.

Open Trade Platform

Since this market place mostly deals with used machinery and equipment. Those that are ready to do business have the freedom to negotiate. The fact that an item has been used and is still in good enough condition to be sold to someone else. Startups and small businesses who might not have much money to spend on assets. Those can buy used machinery to help them kick start operations.

The aim of Tradus is to assemble all buyers and all sellers in one location. Then giving them the freedom to forge trade ties. Tradus Pro is the large business version of Tradus. This is for those sellers who want to post the stock they have in many websites at a go. The Pro version is designed for purposeful global business. Any device that can connect to the internet can be used to trade on either Tradus or Tradus Pro.

Would you like your heavy machinery to be showcased to a global audience of people who are looking to buy them?  Simply contact Tradus support and with a few clicks you could be on your way to global business.

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