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How To Develop A Good An SEO Friendly Websites And Tips For It

Devlop an Seo Friendly

To develop a website is not enough. After developing a website doesn’t mean that your website getting the traffic and ranking high on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

To improve the traffic or increase the ranking of your site you must do the SEO of your site. If you also want that user can easily visit on your site, so you have to do Search Engine Optimization(SEO) of your site.

What to do for  Develop an SEO Friendly Website Design?

Now the question is how to develop an SEO friendly website design? Some of the peoples are coping all the content of their site for rank high, But it not works.

There are some tricks to develop the SEO friendly website-

1: Best Use of Keywords

Keywords are the primary aspect of the content of any website. You can use your keyword in any field, like in Title,  Heading, Slogans, Meta Descriptions, H2 tag, File name, etc.

2: Be Careful with Flash Elements

This is another aspect which can affect your website on SEO. It can be helpful to increase the ranking on SERP. But you must careful Because to much use of flash elements can distract the user, the user can be confused.

3: Make sure your Design is Accessible

Designing of the website is an important part. If the design of your site is accessible then It also helpful in SEO of your site and can increase the ranking of your site. You may sure that your site looks same on browsers and may it load completely, and if you use any types of images that load slowly. So before use image, you can compress them to site.

4: Responsive Web Design

You must make sure that your site design should be responsive. Because at this time most of the user use the mobiles and tablets and then can access the site on it. If your site is responsive so it can be open in anything in the same format. If your site is responsive so Google gives you good ranks on your mobile-friendly sites.

 5: Optimized Images

Using the images on your site can increase the visual appearance by which user can easily understand about the product and services. You may also include the text with that image. But you used keywords in the text. It may improve the visibility of your site.

6: Text-Based Navigation System

In the websites using Navigation system makes it more visible. Web designers or developers are using the navigation system in the site. It can be plain or designed, you must keep some ideas in the mind related to it. The benefits of using it are that user can easily reach all pages by drop down of navigation.

7: Redirecting

If you update your website into a new one, then you must redirect your website. If your site is not redirecting properly so it must show the 404 error to the user. If you don’t want to lose your website traffic then you must use 301 redirects.

8: Integrate the Social Media into your Website’s Design

In nowadays Social Media is a most important aspect of websites. The search engine also provides the extra value to the social media. So if you integrate with it, your website also get more value and ranking. It not only gives you high ranking nut also provide more users personally.

9: Use JavaScript Sparingly

Most of the web designers use the Java script for complete website designing, but Search engine crawls the site for the index. If your site has some good feature with the Java script and less complex than Search engine must try to read your site.


Seoczar is an IT company. in this article, we have discussed How To Develop a Good And SEO Friendly Websites And Tips For It. We also include its layout, its definition, and the tips for the same in details. We hope this article helped you.

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