Role of Mobility in Field Sales or How Mobile SFA Will Benefit Field Sales

The increased penetration of mobile devices has given an opportunity to present day companies to optimize their sales operations. Rather than just being a calling device, the smartphones have enhanced the ways in which we could empower our field sales executives.Here are few ways in which mobility can help optimize our sales operations.

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Real-time access to all the product information

Your sales team, now have the power of information in their hands. They no more need to make a call or have to depend on their manager or coordinators to provide them with any product related information. The SFA provides the much-needed independence to your sales team so that they can focus on their work and be more productive in terms of results.

Removes duplicate work

The mobility helps them to log in everything into the system while they are on work at the customer location. You do not require to follow them to log their leads into the system which otherwise they may have noted in their notebooks due to unavailability of access to online platforms. These systems can also help them complete their day to day administrative tasks online without having to visit office to do them. These tasks may include, logging in the time sheets, uploading their infield expenses etc.

Aggregates all sales input in real time

While the sales team login into their hand-held devices, the management gets all the sales related information aggregated on their desktops. They gain real time access to what’s happening on the field, what a sales person is trying to do, what strategies they are implementing to gain the customer. This can further be enhanced where; the manager or top management can review the cases on real time and provide real-time suggestions of special offers the sales person can imply to immediately win the customer.

Real-time access to CRM

The sales person can get real time access to CRM, to see past data related to customer to prepare himself well before his meeting with that customer. He can view the inclinations of the customer towards a data, the results of past meetings, the information logged in by previous sales person who have visited the customer, the sales trends towards this customer and all relevant information.

Importance of evolving trend of BYOD in SFA

The upcoming BYOD system is helping sales people to use the device of their choice and still gives them freedom to access the company information systems. It do not restrict a sales executive to use a particular handheld and hence depending on their preference and ease they can use any mobile service ranging from tablets, phones, smart watches of their preferred manufacturer. Also, this helps them from refraining to carry multiple devices for personal and office use.

Enhances Revenue and Reduces Operating Costs

The SFA helps the companies to reduce their operating costs by eliminating redundant people and processes as it automates most of the processes. You will need less people to support sales professionals. You can even monitor the efficiency of your sales executives. This system also helps you to monitor and control the field movement cost of a sales person. You know what they are spending on and with integration of google maps, you can get the exact amount the sales person should be spending on his movement which stops him from forging the travel expenses.

The SFA systems are still emerging and the latest is empowering them with the power of IoT. You don’t need to spend on building these SFA system from scratch , rather many customizable options are available in the market.

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