Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Bandit 1200

Suzuki Bandit

A nice bit of bike for the money, the Suzuki Bandit 1200 was made from 1997-2005. It managed to pack a huge engine into a mid-weight sized chassis for a bike that delivered unexpected power. You can now pick up used Bandit 1200s for a great price. Because it’s so easy to mod, you’ll have to look a little harder for one that hasn’t been hot-rodded out, but it’s worth the search to find a stock version you can add your own extras to. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the appropriate motorcycle apparel. Safety gear is a must if you’re taking a Bandit out on the road.

Jet Kit

A jet ket provides an assortment of jets that, once replaced in your bike’s carburetor, can increase the amount of air mixing into your fuel. This mod generally improves performance, handling, and power. However, if you’ve got a damaged engine or carburetor, a jet kit won’t do much. Make sure your bike is already running at peak condition before attempting this mod.

Replacing the jets is not difficult, but you do need a clean work area and the right tools. The carburetor consists of many small parts that can be fiddly, so take the time to do this job right. Also, make sure you’re getting your aftermarket parts for Suzuki Bandit 1200 from a reputable supplier. There’s not much worse than installing a jet kit only to discover your ride can’t run on it at all.

Slip-On Exhaust

This mod couldn’t be any simpler. Just remove the stock muffler and fit the slip-on into its place. Some bikes may need a slip-on conversion kit. The benefits of this little mod include better sound, style, and increase in performance. Why should you bother switching out a perfectly good factory exhaust? Consider the following:

  • Excellent value for the money. This is one of the more affordable mods that can really change the look and sound of your ride.
  • Exhausts are sometimes a factory compromise. To get bikes under budget, manufacturers often skimp on the exhaust.
  • Dropping weight by unloading a giant muffler can increase hp and handling.

Timing-Advance Kit

The Bandit 1200 is a powerful bike, but it appreciates a little more oomph in the high end. A good timing-advance kit gives your ride the kick it needs to handle and perform at its optimum level. This mod takes a little perseverance, as you need to be careful about how many degrees you go. Poor timing can result in sluggish acceleration, hard starting, and backfiring. It can also affect your gas mileage. To really hone your timing for your bike’s best ride, you’ll need time for trial and error.

As with all mods, do your homework. If you don’t think you can do the job, hire a pro. A bad mod will ground your bike faster than a flat tire. Make sure you’ve got all the gear to go with it. Motorcycle helmets, body armor, and biker boots are not just a fashion statement.

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