what is Water Jetting Equipment

water jetting

Water jetting machine:

A water jetting equipment machine is a machine to cleaning the drains. As we know we are suffering from the issue of sewerage blockage. It is specifically used for the clogged drain pipes this machine removes the clogged from the drain and clean it within a few minutes. We can say that this is a constructive development which is use to clean our houses, industries, and factories as well.

Purpose of water jetting equipment:

Nowadays it is very difficult to solve the drain cleaning issue, especially at the domestic level. There are many tiny holes in the drain system so you cannot clean it manually before this product/innovation. We are bound to clean our drains manually. In more cases, we prefer to change the drainpipe because we can’t clean it due to its narrowness.

This product is not confined for domestic purposes we can use it at the industrial level as well. The massive issue of a drain blockage is existing in the industry and in factories because in industry/factory we have many things which we have to waste. When we waste the different types of chemicals it blocks the drains of industry and nearby area.

Jet Wave:

Jetwave is specialist in designing and manufacturing industry and application a specific purpose-built high-pressure cleaning solution we have pressure water cleaners and drain cleaners / hydro jetters for the mining oil and gas shipping and aviation plumbing government and council’s construction and primary farming industries just to name a few


Jet waves are providing you the solution of the problem in the form of a water jetting machine/drain cleaner. Now you have no need to do a cleaning of the narrow drain pipes by your self and you have also no need to replace it due to clogging we provide you the best and efficient way to make the drains clear. Jet waves cover your efforts and also cover your undue expenses. You need only once to buy it then you will be at rest for life regarding that particular issue.


Jet wave provides you the two functions of water jetting machines like cold water (WJE) and hot water (WJE) respectively.

Cold water:

Cold water jetting equipment is not so different you have the function on your machine to enable the function of cold water then you will be able to use cold water to clean your drains through WJE. Because there is some type of clogging which can be removed only through cold water.

Hot water:

Hot water jetting equipment has the highest usage in cleaning purpose. Because every type of rust and clogging and dirt can be easily removed by hot water. Even in the industries and factories drains for cleaning people use mostly hot water.

Source of driving:

You can use our equipment with any kind of source in which you feel convenience means you drive it through the patrol, diesel, and electricity as well. Electric water jetter is the latest and convenient machine which introduces yet but you can’t use it outside if you have no electricity then you simply use the patrol and diesel which is available in all over the world.

Water Jetting Products:

We will provide you different water jetting equipment with each have different efficiency and in every cheap price which you can afford easily, we are naming of some products Jet Hydro Hurricane (5075-27), Scorpion Lite 350, Jet Hydro Hurricane (4400-33). Etc. you will be inform by all specifications of different (WJE) by contacting us.

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