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5 Types of Online Jobs for Students to Make Money at Home

Make Money at Home

Internet is the only source and medium of make money at home which doesn’t get affected by your profession or your age. Even being a student you can make some decent amount of money by doing online jobs at home whenever you are free.

All you needs to be enough experienced in the field is that you are capable of doing projects and passion to do it as described by your clients. So first you need to be skilled in at least a task that can be done remotely from your home and then find clients those needs people like you.

Here in this post, we are going to share a few most popular jobs that has been posted in hundreds in many online jobs boards and freelance platforms. So if you founded any of that you’re already skilled in, you should go for it right away, in case you have confident doing such job and have passion then you just need to get skilled and apply for the jobs.

5 Online Part-time Jobs for College Students

Let’s get dive deeply in what we are talking about in this publication. I’m gonna share a shortlist of few types that I think are perfect match online jobs for college students and has been amongst the most popular on online jobs boards.

Freelance Article Writing

Almost every online business needs article writings, you shouldn’t know how, but it’s the truth. In order to gain more and more audience, companies do publish relevant articles on other sites or social media as well as they publish articles on their own site’s blog. They don’t have time for writing whilst they are busy in other marketing fields.

You can help them write articles and make money at home as reward. The more your experience in writings and have sufficient knowledge about same field, the more you are chances to write and earn huge.


Plenty of times, I have noticed many people looking for someone to proofread their written documents. These are mainly articles, e-book, press releases, dissertations and essays etc. The fact is that they wrote their-selves but want to make it error-free so if they gonna distribute or to online websites or show to teacher, they would go with full confidence.

If you belong to those who can speak and understand English language fluently, you can make this your part-time online job that can be done right from your home.

Online Translation Services

Once again this job is related to those who have good command over the English language and wanna double the benefit of their knowledge, they can become an online translation person. This s not limited to English only but if you can understand and know many languages, you can provide online translation services to earn few bucks in reward.

Actually many people are there looking to translate articles, websites etc from one language to other. This might be English to French, Urdu, Hindi, Persian etc etc. The more languages you’ve command on, the more bright your chances to earn more.

Logo & other Graphic Designing

To increase attraction of online readers/fans towards the product/services, the marketers and business owners nowadays makes use of interactive graphics to keep them engaged and gain their interest in their products. For creating such graphics, they’ll need a designer so if you are a designing lover and have very good experience in the specified field, you can start making money using your this skill right away. Why I am so confident to start earning right away is because this one is most demanded term as of freelance services. You can easily find clients to do some designing work for them as mentioned above who they are.

Online Data Entry Work

Many companies and individuals are being seen on different freelance platforms looking for some simple data entry task. Few are found to be very easy and straight-forward while few might be slightly difficult and may needed some research to do in order to find relevant data.

Data entry work usually includes extraction of a specified type of info/data from a big data file. I’d recommend going for this type of jobs to those who don’t have any other job but have a basic computer knowledge. Aside from keeping such job, you should learn new skills as well so that in future, you should go with these skills.

How to Apply for (or FIND) Above Jobs?

From the hundreds of jobs available online, we have just shared a few types you can easily find clients for because they have lots of demand in the market. Now after you have got to know about that, you might have question in mind where to find those and apply for them? Here we’re going to share some links for it.

PeoplePerHour is one of my favorite platform where I personally got many jobs awarded and successfully earned money over there. You can also go and find the latest post jobs and can send proposals to them to get them award to you.

Fiverr is yet another freelance platform where you can easily sell your services starting at 5 dollars. All you need to create a gig about your service, describe and then bring some clients from social medias as well as from site’s search results.

The third option I will suggest is searching google for your job. Let suppose you are good enogh in proofreading so you will just need to search in google for “PROOFREADING REQUIRED/WORK/JOBS” etc  etc. Once you searched, you will find many results, usually those results relates to freelance sites where you can easily create a free account and apply for that particular job you’ve searched. In case if that job is no more available till you create an account, don’t worry these types of opportunities comes many times a day

Well, so I hope now you will be able to find a suitable and profitable job for yourself in order to earn some money at your home when you are free. If you have any issue or need help, feel free to message me, I am ready to help students (who are action takers too).

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