Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality Which Is Better

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Technology today can change the way one look at the world. With the change in technology the way people look the world also change. When talking about augmented reality and virtual reality, these are the two ways that change the entire world in one short. For some these terms can be quite confusing. They think that these both are the same thing. But in reality these are two entirely different things that are increasingly changing used in the latest technology. So it is necessary that one must know what actually these two things are. Here in this article we first shed light that what actually AR and VR is and then which is better today.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality in simple words is define as, “an improve edition of reality, especially create by the technology use to give some digital touch on an illustration of something.”

AR is mostly use in apps for tablets and smartphones. By using AR technology people are able to see the real world in front of them or can add information layer, include text or images. Different apps use augmented reality for fun, like we can take one of the best examples of AR, Pokémon GO and for information app layer is used.

The layer app is use to share interesting information about the places one visit, through AR. When you visit any site all you have to do is open the app and you will find a lot of information about that place in a layer over the view. Also by using AR features you can find any real estate available for sale or rent, money machines, find your favorite restaurant, etc. You may also able to find new sites you did even know about.

Virtual Reality:

On the other hand virtual reality in defined as, “the use of computers to create an enthused environment.” When viewing on VR, you have completely different world than that of AR in front of you. There are artificial scenes in virtual reality or the places are real, so that it can be included in VR app.

You can move here and there, up, down, in front or behind, with virtual reality, as if the things are in front of you. Virtual reality can be viewed through a special VR viewer, known as Oculus Rift.

Through virtual reality apps people can discover about the places that they have never been, like Mars, Mount Everest, or areas under the sea. The New York Times and Google Earth have virtual reality apps that let people experience different virtual environment present on the Earth and other planets.

How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Differs?


Augmented reality adds images and videos that are based on the real world. While on the other hand, in virtual reality all the images and videos are computer generated and driven.

Delivery method:

For delivering the virtual reality all you need is a hand held controller or a head mounted. Through this equipment people connect with the virtual world that allows them to control all the actions that are running in front of them.

Augmented reality is used in laptops, smart phones, tablets that show the world how the digital images and the real world interact and interconnect with each other.

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Works?

Both virtual reality and augmented reality work differently or they blend together in order to generate an even more interesting experience. With the change in technology new and emerging technologies are introduce AR and VR are one of them. If you want to see the world from a realistic perspective, then AR is the best thing while on the other hand VR is use for the photographed images. Both are different and have different features. Telling that which one is best is not at all difficult but impossible. Both are gaining popularity in the modern world.

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